Party in a Box

Party in a Box

If you can’t come to a party in a sweet shop! then we’ll bring the party to you. We’ve packaged up a Party in a Box so you can enjoy the Spavens Magic wherever you may be.

All packaged in a box, we have all the things you need to decorate one of our Pottery Items which you can choose when you pick up your box. The kit includes paints, paint brushes and water, a tablecloth to keep the place tidy and paper towels just in case. You also get a ‘Lucky Dip’ bag of sweets with a selection of Spavens favourites inside. Also packed into the box is Popcorn and Candy floss.

All instructions are included and are easy to follow.

When your pot is finished, simply drop it back into the shop to be fired and glazed and collect the following week.

If you would like to choose a pot from our premium Pottery Selection just add an extra £1.50 (£14 in total)

To Order call the shop on 01352 752695


£12.50 per person

Paints & Paintbrushes
Pots for water
Pottery (come in and choose from a selection)
Bag of sweets (lucky dip)
Popcorn & Candy floss
Tablecloths & Paper towels

The box shown here is for a party for 4 people